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Gate Keeping Process

During early project development have you ever wondered how to measure the quality and completeness of project deliverables before committing to the next phase of design?

The answer lies partly in having an effective gate keeping process.  Before each gate review the readiness of the project deliverables are measured for that stage.   The result is a recommendation to the project decision body on whether or not the project should proceed, reworked or stopped.  

The gate keeping process provides a methodology that can be used in an organisation to ensure that projects are reviewed in a consistent manner and that each project is optimised to meet the needs of the stakeholders.

Especially developed for the owner’s perspective, this course introduces gate keeping.  In this course you will get an overview of how gate keeping works together with some practical tips on getting the most out of gate reviews.

This short course is available to members and consists of 4 modules with 35 minutes of video packed with useful content – so it is really easy to get a good grasp of the subject quickly.  The course is presented by Herman van Heerden who has a great deal of experience in project development and value assurance across a number of industries for owner companies,  state owned entities as well as major international JV projects.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How the gate keeping process fits into the overall value assurance process
  • Know what planning is required for gate reviews
  • Comprehend the content required in the Value Assurance (VA) Report
  • Be able to interpret the dashboards contained in the VA Report
  • Understand the role of the decisions review team
  • Have an oversight of gate keeping best practices

This Course is now available to all members and you can access your e-learning from the OTC Toolkits Membership site.  (Log-in required).


See you inside the Toolkits.

– The OTC Toolkits Team