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Project Lessons Learnt

Have you ever wondered how to avoid making the same mistakes on projects? The answer lies in effective implementation of lessons learnt on your projects. 

In this course you will learn how to apply previous lessons learnt by proactively building such lessons into your planning of a project stage. Come to grips with a practical process to identify and capture both lessons and successes on your project. Learn how to do root cause analysis on lessons learnt that will enable you to develop proactive measures that can be applied on other projects to prevent mistakes from recurring.

This course is available to OTC toolkit members and consists of 3 modules with sub-units containing a practical guide, 6 video recordings (85 minutes in total) packed with practical learnings on projects.  The course is presented by Davida van der Walt who has a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology, combined with practical experience on mega projects.

Here’s what you will learn:

  1. Why lessons learnt on projects poses a challenge.
  2. Lessons learnt success factors that can be applied on any project.
  3. The importance that the project context plays in the transfer of lessons learnt.
  4. The generic process to collect and transfer lessons.
  5. Why root causes analysis contributes to the identification of proactive measures to address gaps.
  6. How to conduct a lessons learnt interview or workshop.
  7. An overview of typical lessons on large projects.

This Course is now available to all members and you can access your e-learning from the OTC Toolkits Membership site.  (Log-in required).

See you inside the Toolkits.

– The OTC Toolkits Team