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Our products and services cover all aspects of project management throughout the project life-cycle.

We empower the owner team with the essential skills and support that will assist you in ensuring that a quality product is delivered that will meet the business requirements as set out in the project charter.


Owner organisations are faced with multiple challenges ranging from identifying and selecting a new opportunity, initiating a project, designing facilities, commissioning plants and operating the business.

Owner Team Consultation (OTC) provides support and tools to owners to ensure that each of these phases yields the desired outcome.

  • Owner organisations want to be assured that their capital investments deliver the intended business outcomes.
  • They want to know exactly how they should integrate the owner team with the project team during front-end loading and project execution to ensure that the business requirements are met.
  • They also want to be assured that the project will actually deliver what is required to profitably operate the plant for its intended lifetime.

We understand that owner teams often do not have all the required resources (knowhow and skills availability) and often do not follow the right approach and methodology to deliver the intended business results.   The result can be a poorly defined project that doesn’t meet the requirements and can fail to deliver the intended benefits.  Or a project might appear to be an execution success, but not meet the business objectives.


We focus on industrial scale capital investments in the oil and gas, downstream process manufacturing, energy and related infrastructure sectors globally.

Our goal is to enable the organisation to improve the effectiveness of capital spent


We focus on the development and execution of industrial capital projects primarily from the perspective of the owner organisation.

Most project management methodologies and systems have evolved around detailed project execution.  These methodologies and systems does not support the owners role in developing the project specification and overseeing the execution.

OTC consulting is based on well proven toolkits that supports consulting across the complete project life-cycle, ad-hoc consulting on specific issues, implementing organisation wide project solutions/interventions as well as extensive training of owner project personnel.


We are an independent consulting services and products company that works closely with owners of industrial facilities to identify, select and develop projects in a way that enhances the sustained performance of the business.

We work with the owner team so that value is optimised and the project meets the long term investment criteria and requirements of stakeholders.



We help to establish in-house capital value chain expertise, knowledge and skills within the owner organisation.  Core practices, knowledge and skills are developed, transferred and embedded in the organisation that will form part of the future company skill-set.  We provide capital value chain expertise like:


  • Portfolio management ensuring the overall capital spend optimised and prioritised
  • Front-end loading expertise aimed at ensuring that projects are set up and developed for success
  • Project management methodologies aimed at empowering owner teams and ensuring consistent practices that can be benchmarked and continuously improved
  • Value assurance providing the necessary checks and balances such the project decisions can be made understanding the full risk profile of a project
  • Competency development – Clear guidelines for owner team competencies and composition
  • Project Knowledge management – Systems that capture lesson learnt on projects and transferring best practices into the organisation.

We enhance your business performance through our experience and proven approach in oil and gas, downstream process manufacturing, energy and related infrastructure.

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