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We provide resources and assist owners to establish organisation wide standards and procedures for project initiation and execution, as well as sustainable operations.  We can assist owners in the associated change management processes. The following are examples of specific areas where we provide these solutions:

  • Development and implementation of project stage-gate models including work processes and procedures aligned to the specific organisations culture and governance requirements
  • Development and implementation of fit for purpose project opportunity framing and alignment processes
  • Development of sponsors to empower them to effectively sponsor projects
  • Developing value assurance processes fit for purpose for your business
  • Establishing risk management processes that can effectively identify, plot, address and monitor risks and opportunities¬† on your projects
  • Assisting the owner in setting up or improving the Project Management Office (PMO) effectiveness and efficiency
  • Development and implementation of lessons learnt processes
  • Developing an organisation-wide project execution planning standard and process
  • Development of any owner team related project life cycle guidelines and processes
Org wide project solutions

We enhance your business performance through our experience and proven approach in oil and gas, downstream process manufacturing, energy and related infrastructure.

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