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Stakeholder management is an important process that requires focused attention throughout the capital project life cycle.

Capital projects will impact individuals and organisations, both internal and external to the organisation. The more people you affect, the more likely it is that your actions will impact individuals with high levels of power and influence over your projects. These people might turn out to be strong supporters of the project or they could block it.

The Stakeholder Management Toolkit has a number of useful resources for project sponsors and project managers, as well as business  executives.  

The “Stakeholder Identification and Mapping Practical Guide” is now available to OTC Toolkit members.  We will soon be following this up with an additional guide on how to develop the stakeholder management plan and show to engage and communicate with stakeholders.   

Here’s what you will discover:

  • How to identify your project stakeholders
  • Why it is important to understand the relationship between the stakeholder and your project,  and their level of influence
  • How to map your stakeholders in order to develop a focussed engagement strategy for each

You can download your own copy of the guide from the OTC Toolkits Membership site.  (Log-in required).


– The OTC Toolkits Team