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Stakeholder management



This is the second practical guide in the OTC stakeholder management toolkit.   The “Stakeholder Management” practical guide explains why stakeholder management is vital to project success and should never be an add on.  Stakeholder management requires commitment, time, money and resources in order to develop and implement effective engagement and communication strategies.

Following the proper identification and mapping of project stakeholders it is important to ensure these stakeholders are nurtured depending on their power and interest in the project.   This is done through a planned engagement, relationship building and communication process.

(The first practical guide in the series was the “Stakeholder Identification and Mapping” guide which covered the process of identifying who the stakeholders are and their potential impact (positive and negative) on the project).

Here’s what you will discover:

  • How to beneficially move individual stakeholders on the stakeholder map in terms of power and interest
  • Effective stakeholder engagement and communication strategies
  • Why generation theory is so important when developing communication plans
  • Who is responsible for stakeholder management on a project
  • When and how to maintain relationships with stakeholders throughout the project life-cycle
  • What best practices does OTC recommend

You can download your own copy of the guide from the OTC Toolkits Membership site.  (Log-in required).

– The OTC Toolkits Team