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Practical Guide OTCC

How do you put together the owner team for a project?  What roles need to be in place?  What competencies must be represented on the owner team,  and what competencies can be outsourced to a contractor?

In our experience, owner teams are often uncertain of the exact role they should play on a project versus that of the contracted execution partners. As a result, project delivery can be inconsistent and efforts are duplicated with the associated added costs. Furthermore, projects do not always meet the intended business objectives when the assurance mentioned above is not provided by a competent owner team. If the interface between the owner and contractors is poorly coordinated it generally leads to frustration, increased costs and wasted time, supporting departments continue to operate in silos and project related problems quickly escalate and ripple through the organisation. In addition, unexpected project changes can disrupt the business, governance between the owner and contractors is sometimes weak and risks are poorly managed.

The answer lies in establishing a clear process to define, classify and allocate core competencies at the start of a project, and to update this allocation throughout the project life-cycle as different roles come on board.  This practical guide covers the definition and nature of owner core competencies, the composition of owner teams and their contracting relationships.  The guide also covers the selection, classification and allocation of core competencies between team members, other participants and contractors.

Here’s what you will learn:

  1. How to identify project specific owner team core competencies
  2. How to align these competencies with other participant roles
  3. How the core competencies change as the project moves through the stage-gate process
  4. How to allocate competencies between the owner and contractors
  5. How to allocate competencies between owner entities and participants in the project

This Guide is now available to all toolkit members from the OTC Toolkits Membership site.  (Log-in required).

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– The OTC Toolkits Team