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This is the full recording of the PMSA knowledge series held on 28 August 2015 where the authors of the book “Programme Management for Owner Teams” cover the following topics:

  • Planning
  • Organisation
  • Control
  • Leadership
  • Alignment
  • Stakeholders
  • Nurturing
  • Governance

(The videos are in order of the presentation, but you can view them in any order as they are arranged by topic).

For more information on the book please visit ourĀ book page

An introduction



Programme Management A2 Programme owner Teams



To gain access to the remaining videos in this series and presentations by all the authors, please provide us with your contact information.


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Programme Management No 1 Planning



Programme Management No 2 Organisation



Programme Management No 3 Control



Programme Management No 4 Leadership



Programme Management no 5 Alignment



Programme Management no 6 Stakeholders



Programme Management no 7 Nurturing



Programme Management No 8 Governance






For more information on the book please visit our book page