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Introducing “Programme Management for Owner Teams”

A practical guide to what you need to know

Successful industrial and infrastructure programmes do not happen by chance. How then do successful owner companies manage large and complex programmes? Business owners need to ensure that their capital investments result in benefits to the stakeholders in a manner that ensures a sustainable business. Taking a business concept from inception to a successful business requires a great deal of experience and insight into the way organisations and large capital projects work in practice. All stakeholders in these ventures have a critical role to play.   As someone with responsibility for protecting the owners interests you may feel inadequately prepared for the overwhelming complexities involved. If you are in a business or project role would it not be great to benefit from practical guidance and mentorship from people experienced in programme management,  who can help you with a proven framework and practical advice that can help you with this mammoth task? Freek van Heerden, Jurie Steyn and Davida van der Walt each come from the capital project environment.  Each brings decades of relevant project experience in complimentary areas.   Their insights and experience can help you succeed in your own project environment. The real secret to managing complex project programmes is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical understanding,  together with personal leadership attributes that can simplify complex problems in a way that motivates and aligns the programme team to a common goal and outcome.

In Programme Management for Owner Teams the authors reveal how to:

  • Manage the shaping process to fix the programme scope
  • Structure an effective owner programme management team
  • Ensure focus on the business objectives
  • Keep internal stakeholders aligned and informed
  • Keep the programme team motivated and engaged
  • Ensuring effective programme governance

In addition the authors provide numerous examples and case studies that show how these concepts are used in practical ways.

Why this book is unique

There are many books on project management.  There are even more books on business opportunity development and strategy.  Yet few that bring the two disciplines together in such a pragmatic and practical way.  Which is surprising, because this is where the value is created, or destroyed on large projects. Project management books typically address the detailed execution aspects of a project involving multiple stakeholders;  most of whom are focussed on engineering design, procurement and construction activities.  The project management disciplines have matured in the form of PMBOK, PRINCE and other established methodologies. Business strategy books are more varied because of the vast scope of the subject.  From investment strategies, product strategy, leadership, operations and so on;  few if any business books focus exclusively on empowering project teams to take stewardship of investors funds to achieve the objectives in a large project environment. Programme Management for Owner Teams is unique because:

  • It is written by experienced experts who have contributed towards many successful projects, and also experienced projects that have not quite met the business objectives
  • It uniquely covers the role of the owner organisation in managing a programme and the role-players
  • The examples are very practical and supported by online templates, tools and other resource that are designed to help you master the subject

What is your time worth?

It will take you a few hours to read through the book.  This is probably the most significant investment you can make in time that will have a major impact on the way you operate in your project. The book itself is a minuscule investment compared to the outcomes you can expect.  One expensive mistake avoided will save you hours and your client potentially millions of dollars.

How you will benefit

You will be able to apply the framework and techniques immediately in any project environment.  You will be more focussed and effective in your role,  whether you are representing the owner as a project sponsor, managing a programme or project, or even just a role player. This leads to more satisfaction, less stress and personal fulfilment in your job.

What else do you receive?

To give you a quick start, all the templates, proformas and checklists discussed is available for download from the website. If you want to go deeper you can also subscribe to the supporting OTC toolkits that provide you with additional practical guides, online training and templates.

Experienced managers and novices alike will find plenty of useful guidance in Programme Management for Owner Teams. This rigorous, thorough, and practical book is also eminently readable and clear, a rare combination in the business genre. The straight-forward text is nimbly supported by insightful graphics that summarize and enhance the key points, producing memorable moments on virtually every page. This is a book to keep close at hand and to return to often.

Dan Ward

Author of F.I.R.E. How Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant Methods Ignite Innovation.

The concept of programme management is maturing and is in need of practical guidance for implementation. With good emphasis on benefits realisation and sustainability, the authors succeeded in converting established references and experience in the field to the day-to-day management of programmes. This book contributes significantly to the discipline of programme management from an owner or client perspective.
Dr Giel Bekker

Project Management, Graduate School of Technology Management,, University of Pretoria

If industry statistics are believed and megaprojects are more likely to fail than to meet their objectives, then this contribution to programme management is an essential starting point, and its management framework and practical, case-based guidance is bound to assist owner teams in delivering more successful outcomes.

Mark Flower

Vice President, Fluor, South Africa

Owners often place the blame on the inability of contractors, service providers and suppliers to perform when things go wrong on their programmes. For those who are prepared to admit that they carry as much, if not more, blame for these unfavourable outcomes, this book is a very handy companion in dealing with internal owner issues. Written by previous owners for owners, it is not just more theory, but provides distinct practical context for effective programme management. Well done to the authors in eloquently sharing their experience with us and craftily intertwining this with international best practice.

Willem Louw

Director, Transnet Centre for Business Management of Projects, University of Stellenbosch


You can buy the book through Amazon, Kindle, CreateSpace (all countries) or the OTC Store (South African addresses only).


The book is now available both in full colour paperback and Kindle formats. If you order the paperback on Amazon you can get a copy of the Kindle version included for an additional $2,99.


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