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Project Stakeholder Management
Learn how to identify, understand and engage stakeholders on a project. This course covers the stakeholder management process and provides several examples and recent lessons learnt on mega projects.
Module 1 Project Stakeholder Identification and Mapping  
Overview of the stakeholder management process, how to identify your stakeholders and how to map stakeholders on a grid indicating their level of influence and interest in the project.
Unit 1 Welcome to "Project Stakeholder Management"
Unit 2 Introduction to "Project Stakeholder Management" (video)
Unit 3 Identifying and understanding stakeholders (video)
Unit 4 Mapping stakeholders (video)
Module 2 Stakeholder Management  
Overview of project stakeholder management and the process of planning your engagement with each stakeholder.
Unit 1 Project stakeholder management practical guide
Unit 2 Stakeholder management - planning and engagement (video)
Module 3 Project Stakeholder Management Lessons Learnt  
Best practices for managing stakeholder relationships. This module also includes a master class interview covering practical lessons learnt on typical projects.
Unit 1 Stakeholder management - best practices (video)
Unit 2 Stakeholder management - master class (video)

Welcome to “Project Stakeholder Management”. To access your training, please click on the course outline to expand the modules and select the unit you wish to view.  You can come back to this page at any time. When you finish a unit please mark it as complete. This is necessary on order to get recognition for your CPD points. This course needs to be worked through sequentially as some of the topics build on previous topics. Feel free to ask questions as you go in the course discussion.  We also welcome suggestions for improvement or learning points that you found particularly useful – please post these in the course discussion. To see an overview of all your training please see “My training