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Why the focus on the scope of the facilities? 

For a successful project outcome it is essential to firstly understand the business need clearly and to then conceptualise a facility that will meet this business need. The facility scope as developed determines the capability of the facility as must align with the business requirements fully. The scope also leads to a capital and an operating cost estimate that have a big impact on the overall project economics and thus the viability of the venture.

The technical team developing the scope often concentrates on getting the technical specifications optimised and loses focus on the real business need. A common result, by the time FEL is completed, is an unviable project that either needs to be recycled to perform value engineering or being cancelled perhaps unnecessarily.

This toolkits places the focus on business led FEL and being continually aware of the affect of scope development on the business outcome. Pro-active directional guidance and changes can then be implemented during FEL to enhance the probability of a successfully completing FEL..

During implementation unwanted or unnecessary scope can easily creep in. Rigorous scope management is also discussed in detail stressing the need for an approved scope at project sanction.


This toolkit enables effective: 

  • Analysis of a project charter, to identify project boundaries and risks that determines the scope of facilities required.
  • Evaluation of the scope and capital cost estimate against the business objective
  • Identification of the key scope focus areas
  • Determination of a scope development plan.
  • Tracking of scope development during FEL ensuring focus remains on the business objectives.
  • Monthly scope development review and tracking meetings.
  • Clarification of and acceptance by the business owner.
  • Scope management during implementation

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Toolkit Outline

Practical Guide 

  • Understanding the project charter
  • Initial viability assessment
  • Planning for FEL
  • Developing scope during FEL
  • Managing scope during implementation
  • E-learning 

E-learning covers: 

  • Scope management in context
  • Scope management and the project life cycle
  • Front-end loading planning
  • Project development during FEL 1 AND 2
  • Scope management during Implementation
  • Course review and knowledge test


  • Facility Breakdown Structure
  • Change register
  • Work Package definition
  • Scope definition database (Microsoft Access)

Aimed At

Business development teams, sponsors and owner project team members who need to develop and implement a project or new business opportunity.


Users are supported through the on-line discussion areas, but can also be supported by direct coaching. Customised packages can be created to Client’s needs

Toolkit Subscription 

Our Toolkit subscriptions provides you with access to the Scope Management Toolkit and many more.

Classroom Training 

The toolkit can be presented as a 2-day course on request