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Programme Management for Owner Teams authors Freek van Heerden, Jurie Steyn and Davida van der Walt explore team wellness on a programme.

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Programmes tend to pose the following team wellness challenges:

  • Team member’s careers may be seen as stagnant, since they stay in a certain position for a long period of time.  Hence employees tend to become demotivated and disengaged.
  • Programmes typically calls for a lot of travelling.  Inevitably fatigue as a result of extensive driving and flying sets in.
  • Temporary offices and site conditions may be less than ideal and overcrowded and unpleasant working conditions further contribute to work stress
  • Long periods away from home and the family may cause relationship problems and the breakup of marriages.
  • When traveling and working long hours, employees tend to neglect their health and fitness.


In reality we have found that there is a significant correlation between team productivity and the extent to which team wellness is pro-actively addressed on programmes.  If programme teams are not nurtured pro-actively, absenteeism and frequent illness tend be prevalent.


To ensure healthy and productive programme team members:

  1. Integrated team wellness programmes should be introduced pro-actively.
  2. Programme leadership should invest time and effort into individual and team wellness which contributes to a team feeling cared for and recognised.
  3. A strategy for developing promising individuals can be deployed in the form of is job rotation.  Plan succession planning in a structured way that allows new team members to take over.
  4. Do not oversee team members for promotion, and implement a recognition system on your programme.
  5. If possible, implement a retention bonus system.


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