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What are the OTC Toolkits?

OTC Toolkits are specifically developed to cover topics of particular interest to owner project team members across the project lifecycle.

Toolkits cover aspects from setting business and project objectives and ensuring a relevant scope is developed to the management oversight activities during FEL and implementation. The owner specific activities during commissioning and ensuring a sustainable business is also considered. Lastly eventual closure of the business or plant is addressed.

The toolkits are based on many years of experience by OTC consultants while representing the owners interests on projects of all sizes.

The toolkits are available online as practical guides, templates, e-Learning, discussion forums and software apps.

Subscribers to the OTC Toolkits are supported by online discussion forums on the various toolkit topics. This platform provides you with the opportunity to actively engage with seasoned experts and like-minded professionals who all have one objective in mind, namely to deliver successful projects.

Your virtual consultant

OTC Toolkits are like having an online virtual consultant to guide you through the many steps necessary to ensure that projects deliver the intended business value.

A Toolkit consists of

Practical Guide and templates

Each Practical guide covers lessons learnt and experience from real-life projects each on a specific topic.  Practical guides consists of best practices and specific issues to be aware of. Also included are case studies to illustrate the points under discussion. Ready to use templates in native formate are also provided. The guides build on the PMI, CII and IPA frameworks and give you the information you need to know in a concise, easy to use format. The index of the scope management guide below illustrates the concept


e-Learning courses

e-Learning provides the insight to master the concepts covered in a Toolkit.  The courses consist of videos and e-Learning supplements that can be worked through at your own pace.  You will also be able to join the discussion around each topic and get answers to your most pressing challenges from our consultants and the community.

CPD points can also be obtained on successful completion of a course.

Software applications

Software applications are designed to enhance project effectiveness by making critical information accessible to project participants at the right time in a simple easy to access format.  These applications are in early development and will be announced to members as they are released.

Recent updates

Practical Guide 21: Project Execution Planning (PEP)

Project Execution Planning (PEP) is the process of defining the approach that will be followed in executing a capital project,This practical guide covers the preparation of a typical PEP. The guide is accompanied by several templates and supporting guides that assist in preparing a PEP for your own project. 

Master Class 4: Owner Team Core Competencies

In this interesting master class Herman van Heerden discusses the core competencies necessary for an owner team with Freek van Heerden and Kevin Mattheys. Some practical considerations for setting up the owner team in terms of leadership, governance, controls and individual mandates are covered. After viewing this masterclass you will have a good understanding of your role as owner representative on a project.


  • Practical focussed advice that saves you time
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel,  learn from experts who have been in the same situation
  • Reduced project risk
  • Improved personal and team effectiveness
  • Proven frameworks and best practices specifically designed for owner organisations
  • OTC Toolkits are designed to give you access to practical assistance in the form of books, templates and tools
  • The toolkits include web based and mobile applications
  • Focussed training takes place online through our eLearning courses

When you join.

  • Immediate acces to all toolkits already launched as well as access to peers and experts via the discussion forums where you can participate or ask advice.  Some examples include:
  • Immediately usable templates in Word, Excel, PowerPoint formats for key documents.
  • Up to date information on the progress of upcoming toolkits.
  • Being able to influence the priority development of specific toolkits on a fast track to suit members needs.
  • Up to date information on the release of specific Apps related to the toolkits.

An example – Introduction to framing and alignment

A Typical Toolkit – Project Sponsor

  • Toolkit overview
  • Practical guide – 30 pages
  • Templates
    • Sponsor mandate
    • Project charter
    • Steering Committee agenda
    • Sponsor Questions
  • E-learning
    • 8 Modules, 7 videos, 7 learning supplements, self assessments
      • Project Sponsorship
      • Understanding the sponsor mandate and project charter
      • The sponsor as a leader
      • The sponsor and governance
      • The sponsor in a support role
      • The sponsor managing stakeholder expectations
      • Sponsor Appointment
    • Course discussion facilitated by the instructor


OTC Toolkits is a membership only program for like-minded professionals in owner organisations and project roles.  By joining the membership program you will have online access to OTC consultants and other members who are passionate about enhancing business performance. Can you afford not to participate?

We enhance your business performance through our experience and proven approach in oil and gas, downstream process manufacturing, energy and related infrastructure.

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