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Practical Guide 21: Project Execution Planning (PEP)

Project Execution Planning (PEP) is the process of defining the approach that will be followed in executing a capital project,This practical guide covers the preparation of a typical PEP. The guide is accompanied by several templates and supporting guides that assist in preparing a PEP for your own project. 

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Master Class 4: Owner Team Core Competencies

In this interesting master class Herman van Heerden discusses the core competencies necessary for an owner team with Freek van Heerden and Kevin Mattheys. Some practical considerations for setting up the owner team in terms of leadership, governance, controls and individual mandates are covered. After viewing this masterclass you will have a good understanding of your role as owner representative on a project.

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Core Training 6: Project Lessons Learnt

In this course you will learn how to apply previous lessons learnt by proactively building such lessons into your planning of a project stage. Come to grips with a practical process to identify and capture both lessons and successes on your project. Learn how to do root cause analysis on lessons learnt that will enable you to develop proactive measures that can be applied on other projects to prevent mistakes from re-occurring.

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Core Training 5: Project Stakeholder Management

In this course you will learn proven strategies to identify and engage with project stakeholders. We cover the process of stakeholder management from stakeholder identification, mapping and then developing and following through with engagement plans. The course consists of 3 modules covering two practical guides and includes several practical examples and lessons learnt from recent projects.

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Practical Guide 15: Roles and Interfaces of the Project Controls Disciplines

OTC has published the second guide in the Project Controls toolkit that covers the roles and interfaces of the project controls disciplines. This practical guide covers the disciplines of estimating, cost control, planning and scheduling as well as quantity surveying. It looks at what the role of each discipline is and how they overlap, offers some examples of areas that are typically problematic and which will be of assistance to owner teams.

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